Check out our groups latest preprint utilizing the FrogCap sequence capture marker set for Spotted Stream Frogs (Chan et al.).

Pulchrana sp1

Species delimitation in the grey zone: introgression obfuscates phylogenetic inference and species boundaries in a cryptic frog complex (Ranidae: Pulchrana picturata).

For the FrogCap preprint: FrogCap: A modular sequence capture probe set for phylogenomics and population genetics for all frogs, assessed across multiple phylogenetic scales.

Back in Burma (Myanmar)!

The boys are back in Burma (Myanmar) in search of “Cyrts” (Cyrtodactylus) for our ongoing research on the landscape genomics of karst adapted geckos in the Salween basin. In an attempt to get over jet lag, we stuffed ourselves with thai food and spent the afternoon doing some sightseeing around the Bogyoke Market, the Strand waterfront, and the Sule Pagoda.