Rediscoveries of Sibuyan endemics from the Romblon Island Group, central Philippines.

Meneses et al. 2020. Molecular phylogenetic estimates of evolutionary affinities and the first reports of phenotypic variation in two secretive, endemic reptiles from the Romblon Island Group, central Philippines. Philippine Journal of Systematic Biology, Volume 14 Issue 2, 1–20.

Figure 1. Map of the Philippines depicting the five major Pleistocene Aggregate Island Complexes (PAICs) from Meneses et al. 2020.
Figure 5. Pseudogekko isapa from Meneses et al. 2020.

Rivers as potential drivers of diversification in spotted flying lizards.

This was a really fun project that Randy Klabacka started as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University (BYU) and he really kicked it up a notch during the beginning of his PhD at Auburn University (AU). Congratulations to all!

Klabacka et al. 2020. Rivers of Indochina as potential drivers of lineage diversification in the spotted flying lizard (Draco maculatus) species complex.

Klabacka et al. 2020 (Fig. 1)

Here is a 50-day open-access link: