Salt Lake City to Kuala Lumpur

Enroute to Malaysia, we had a few stops before we reached or first destination in Kuala Lumpur (KL).  On the first leg of the trip, we had a nice view of Mt. Rainier from the plane before our layover in Seattle, WA.  After a short layover here, we had the longest flight of the trip, close to 12 hours with a late departure.  This late departure left us in a bit of a tight connection in Incheon (South Korea),  actually a really tight connection ~30 minutes.  Thinking to myself “there is no way we are going to make this connection and if we do the possibility of our bags making the connection is very low”.  After exiting the plane there were a number of Korean airline employees waiting for us.  After a marathon sprint to the train to switch terminals and another marathon through a secondary security check point, we ended up in the correct terminal of our departure gate. Upon arriving in this terminal there was a golf cart waiting to take us to our gate. The cart was playing music to alert people to get out of the way and was reminiscent of 1990s nintendo video game themed music.  We were cracking up the entire time. We finally made it to or flight (another six hours to our final destination KL).

After arriving to our hotel, following our bout with the baggage claim attendant for one piece of missing luggage, we finally got some long desired sleep. The next day the students arrived and there was an entire day of walking around and checking out the sights.  We walked from Bukit Bintang to the KLCC to see the Petronas twin towers (really we just wanted to go to the amazing book store).  Following the book store we decided to go check out some culture hotspots in little India (Brickfields) and China town on or walk back to the hotel to catch our breath before we went to have Thai food and experience some local fruit (including the infamous but delicious king of fruits the durian) on Jalan Alor.

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